Tom Kinnee

Host, Weekend Showcase

Tom Kinnee has been an arts enthusiast his whole life. He has been an actor, director, playwright and producer for many different North State theaters and has been teaching in the Theater Department at Butte College since 1990. Tom loves bringing the voices of a wide range of arts-creators to NSPR audiences with his program, Weekend Showcase.

On 5/20 we visit Chico's Blue Room Theatre to talk with the directors, the actors and one of the writers from "Fresh Ink," a festival of four brand-new short plays. We also talk with art photographer Paula Schultz. Her images of north state native Americans are on exhibit at Ninth Avenue Gallery in Chico.

This week we go to the Chico Art Center to talk with artist Nicolai Larsen, instigator and organizer of the current exhibit "Food In Art," running through June 3. This show features paintings, drawings, and sculptures depicting food and also displays edible art creations by local chefs and bakers. We also listen to excerpts from the current Broadway megahit "Hamilton," which just received 16 Tony Award nominations.

This week we talk with participants in "Art at the Matador."  It's at Chico's iconic Matador Motel and will feature 75 local artists and a wide diversity of artwork.  We'll talk with two of the organizers,with two of the many musicians who'll provide entertainment at the event and with one of the fire dancers who'll present unique entertainment at "Art at the Matador."

This week on Weekend Showcase we visit Butte College's Black Box Theatre to talk with the director and cast of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream." We also hear from artist Paula Busch who'll be displaying her paintings at Chico's 1078 Gallery. Busch's artistic process involves hot wax, vivid pigments and string.

We talk with the writer-composer of "When the Coyot' Calls," the musical western on stage at the Paradise Performing Arts Center. We also visit the final "Pop-Up" gallery by the Museum of Northern California Art to talk with MoNCA's president. And we hear from the director & cast from "The Little Mermaid" at Chico Theater Company.


This week we talk with Reta Rickmers from Chico's Pleasant Valley High. Rickmers has received a national award for "Secondary Arts Educator of the Year." We also hear music from the Broadway musical "The Little Mermaid" (the show opens at Chico Theater Company this weekend).

This week we talk with organizers and artists from the new exhibit at the Chico Art Center, "Contemporary Woman," featuring paintings, drawings and sculptures by women. We also talk with several cast members and the director from the current production at Theatre on the Ridge in Paradise, the wild backstage comedy "Light Up the Sky" by Moss Hart.


On Weekend Showcase this week, we talk with artists at the Chico Art Center who've created an event called "Fairy Doors," putting 20 artistically crafted small doors all around Chico as if they're portals to the homes of supernatural little folk. 

Watercolor by Candy Matthews


This week we talk with artist Candy Matthews who creates scrumptious watercolor paintings of fruits and vegetables. An exhibition of her work titled "From the Farmer's Market" is at Chico's Tin Roof Bakery through April. We also talk with the director of the current production at Redding's Riverfront Playhouse, the classic American play "Our Town."


We visit Chico's Blue Room Theatre to talk with the director & cast from "The Night Alive" by award-winning Irish playwright Conor McPherson. We also go to the current exhibition at Chico's 1078 Gallery, "My Witness is the Empty Sky." The show features art installations expressing the theme of survival, and we talk with three of the four artists displaying their work in the exhibition.