Blue Dot 82: Jeff Goodell

Dec 14, 2017

Inexorable. The unrelenting power of the expanding, rising oceans is something that humans WILL be dealing with for decades, if not centuries to come.

In this episode we talk to Rolling Stone Magazine contributing editor Jeff Goodell. Jeff is the author of The Water Will Come.

After seeing the effects of Hurricane Sandy just after the storm waters receded, Goodell began to research the effects of rising oceans around the world and found that places like New York, Miami and Norfolk Naval Base are particularly vulnerable.

Islands in the Pacific are reaching the point of being uninhabitable due to constant storm surges.

Coastal regions around the world will be under a severe flooding threat in coming decades which will lead to a global refugee crisis.

Goodell meets with military and political leaders as well as ordinary property owners confronting the inevitability of coastal inundation. His conclusion is simple. It is time to prepare because the water will come...