Constituents Protest GOP Tax Bill At LaMalfa's Office

Dec 13, 2017

As deal-making over the Republican tax reform bill proceeds in Washington, local critics were briefly out in force in Oroville Tuesday, picketing the office of Congressman Doug LaMalfa, a supporter of the bill. 

The supportive honking of horns far outnumbered one-fingered salutes from drivers as about 75 demonstrators appeared in front of the office of Republican Congressman Doug LaMalfa. 

Carol Anderson of Oroville was among them. Anderson says the bill will eliminate deductions for fire damage, state income tax, and interest paid on student loans. 

“It’s clearly bad for his constituents, and the people it’s good for, really don’t need any more money,” she said.

Mark Spannagel a LaMalfa spokesman, disputed critiques of the 500-plus page bill still being tweaked. Spannagel said that most North State residents would see a tax cut. He said LaMalfa was working on fixing some provisions, but declined to provide examples or if LaMalfa would withhold support if the issues aren’t resolved. 

Demonstrators, who stood across from Oroville Hospital, displayed a festive air. Dressed in a tux and top hat, David Dick of Rocklin held a sack with a dollar sign in one hand, and a placard demanding “tax cuts for the 1%.” Organizers brought a cardboard LaMalfa cut-out, who was holding his own sign with likenesses of House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate leader Mitch McConnell, flanked by the words: “LaMalfa, he’s one of us swamp critters.”

Richard Young of Chico said he was concerned that in aggregate, the tax bill will mainly hurt people who work for a living and that deficits created by the bill would make things worse. 

“Downstream other Republicans are talking about cutting Social Security in order to pay for these tax bills," he said. "This blows an enormous hole in our deficit.”