Judge Blocks Removal Of Confederate Statue That Sparked Charlottesville Protest

A Virginia judge has blocked efforts to remove the statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee that was at the center of the deadly violence that erupted in Charlottesville in 2017. In a ruling issued this week, Judge Richard E. Moore said that any effort to remove the Lee statue would violate a state historic preservation statute and issued a permanent injunction preventing its removal. His decision extended to a separate monument to Confederate general Stonewall Jackson that city leaders...

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What Questions Do You Have About The Camp Fire Recovery Process?

How do you get funds from FEMA? How do you file a fire insurance claim? We want your questions about the ongoing recovery, and how the people and places affected by the fire can get assistance.

Kim Fulton Bennett

Dave traveled to the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) earlier this summer where he learned about many of the institute's scientific programs.


In this episode we look at the use of sound to study the oceans and the life that inhabits them. MacArthur Foundation Fellow Kelly Benoit Bird uses sonar for her MBARI research to study how animals find food sources in the vast oceanic environment. 

It’s again time for our weekly check-in with representatives from some of the lead agencies attempting to help Camp Fire survivors. Earlier today we received updates from Debra Young, a public information officer from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, Justin Jacobs, representing the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, Colette Curtis spokeswoman for the town of Paradise and Butte County Spokeswoman Casey Hatcher.

Sophie de Lignerolles

Baylor Chapman loves plants and she’s spent a good part of her career helping people to learn about, see, love and care for plants wherever people might need them – in their homes, offices, work spaces, apartments. She believes they make us healthier, happier, better people and I agree. 


As students return to dorms and workers return to offices post summer – Baylor joins Cultivating Place this week to encourage us to tend toward more green – stay with us!

CAL FIRE Butte Unit Twitter

Continued cool temperatures, moister air and calm conditions helped firefighters make progress against dozens of fires around the region yesterday and overnight.


Containment of the Walker Fire burning in Plumas National Forest increased to 20 percent. Evacuation orders remain in place for Murdock crossing and Stoney Ridge, but have been lifted elsewhere. The fire has burnt through more than 48,000 acres. US 395 remains open. The Evacuation Center in Susanville has closed.



On the anniversary of 9/11, Commentator Richard Parker has some thoughts about that event in US history.


In 2012 Chico Neurosurgeon Jeffrey Lobosky published It’s Enough to Make You Sick: The Failure of the American Health Care System and a Prescription for the Cure.   


Since then Dr. Lobosky has continued to research solutions and brings us an update.

CAL FIRE Butte Unit Twitter




Cooler temperatures, higher humidity and fairly calm conditions aided firefighters battling dozens of fires around the region yesterday and today. 



Evacuation orders associated with the 47,340 acre Walker Fire burning in Plumas National Forest were lifted, though most earlier road closures remain in place. US 395 remains open. The Evacuation Center in Susanville has closed. 

Noah Berger / AP Photo

A bill temporarily easing regulation and oversight of certain types of construction awaits the signature of Governor Gavin Newsom.

Introduced and carried by North State Assemblyman James Gallagher, Assembly Bill 430 suspends certain aspects of California’s landmark environmental regulations and limits some avenues typically used by opponents to delay or block projects.

Suzi Rosenberg

The soaring costs and dwindling supply of housing will be front and center at an official city meeting in Chico today.  


Several council members serving on a temporary committee will hear presentations from developers about some of the things, beyond labor and materials that go into the cost of a home.  

CAL FIRE Butte Unit Twitter

Authorities lifted evacuations related to the Swedes Fire burning west of Chinese Wall Road east of Oroville yesterday and reported good progress, citing help from above in the form of higher humidity and cooler temperatures. 

The now 400-acre blaze has destroyed two structures. CalFire declared it 40 percent contained this morning. More than 500 firefighters are working the fire. Evacuation warnings remain in place. The fire’s cause remains under investigation.

Nevada Seismological Laboratory

Firefighters are continuing their efforts against the Red Bank Fire in Tehama County about 25 miles west of Red Bluff. Efforts appear to be paying off as the fire’s explosive growth yesterday has moderated substantially.


The fire has grown to 6,500 acres and is now considered seven percent contained. The fire is burning in difficult terrain south of Highway 36.


Mandatory evacuation orders issued yesterday remain in place. 


Latest NPR News

The price of oil saw a massive price spike Monday following drone strikes on a Saudi oil facility over the weekend that has shut off more than half of the kingdom's daily exports, or about 5% of the world's crude production.

Benchmark Brent crude briefly surged almost 20% in early trading before settling to 10% higher, up $6 to $66.28, according to The Associated Press. The U.S. benchmark West Texas crude was up 9%.

Purdue Pharma, the maker of OxyContin, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Sunday night, just days after striking a settlement with more than 2,000 local governments over its alleged role in creating and sustaining the deadly opioid crisis.

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NSPR Wins Prestigious Journalism Award

NSPR's news team has won a Regional Edward R. Murrow Award for Best Continuing Coverage for After Paradise, a weekly show giving recovery information to Camp Fire survivors and community.

Post-Camp Fire Recovery Information

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