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Each week host Nancy Wiegman talks to local, regional and national writers about their latest projects. Nancy's Bookshelf airs Fridays at 10 a.m.

Life After Death (Part 3)

Flickr, Creative Commons

The first of a two-part conversation with two retired Chico State professors who have different opinions on the question of what happens after we die. 

Gayle Kimball has a PhD in Religious Studies and taught Sociology. One of 12 books she has written is Essential Energy Tools. She says that the energy we are survives the death of the body.

Richard Parker has a PhD in Philosophy and taught in that department for 30 years. 

He is coauthor of a very successful textbook on Critical Thinking and is currently writing an Introduction to Philosophy. He contends that there is no proof of life after death. What happens after we die? Nothing. That when we die we are dead and the body is burned or buried.

Nancy Wiegman has a master's degree in French linguistics from Indiana University and taught yoga and foreign languages at CSU Fresno and the College of Charleston before moving to Chico in 1990.