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Each week host Nancy Wiegman talks to local, regional and national writers about their latest projects. Nancy's Bookshelf airs Fridays at 10 a.m.

Anne Speckhard : Bride Of Isis

Why would a "normal" American teenager convert to Islam and then try to join a terrorist organization? How do terrorists seduce women over the Internet and lure them into traveling thousands of miles to become their wives?  These are the questions that psychologist Anne Speckhard asks in her latest book, Bride of ISIS

Dr. Speckhard is an internationally recognized expert on terrorism and has interviewed over 400 terrorists, their family members, and supporters in various parts of the world.  Bride of ISIS is a fictionalized story of a real case — that of Denver teenager Shannon Conley. 

Nancy Wiegman has a master's degree in French linguistics from Indiana University and taught yoga and foreign languages at CSU Fresno and the College of Charleston before moving to Chico in 1990.