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Community Calendar/PSA Guidelines


We’re glad you continue to utilize North State Public Radio to publicize your nonprofit and community events. We wanted to let you know that we have a new online submission form available.

Please begin using this new form, also called the Community Calendar, and do not fax or email us event information. Many thanks – we assist hundreds of North State groups every week, with limited staff on our end. 

As of August 31, 2016, any events or announcements that are not submitted using the new Community Calendar form will not get aired or posted online. 

Keep up your good work! We’re here to support you, while getting all of our information submitted via current technology. Please read through our PSA submission guidelines below and refer to them before contacting us if you have questions about the submission process. Thank you!


Public Service Announcements (PSAs) are considered on a first-come, first-served and space-available basis. PSA Requests are processed by our staff and volunteers; we request that you allow at least two weeks advance notice for us to consider, prepare and present PSAs. Preference will be given to not-for-profit and arts activities within our broadcast area. While we will consider all submissions, we reserve the right to reject any announcements. While we will determine the final wording, we will make every effort to include the information you provide.

The following elements CANNOT be included in PSAs:

  • Editorial Comments Claims or Comparisons (e.g., “the best”) 
  • Calls to Action (e.g., “come on down”) 
  • Political Content (including political or candidate fundraisers) 

If your PSA is not regarding an event, select the date you would like your PSA to start running and an arbitrary start time. If further clarification is needed, you may explain further in the Description field.
Please double-check event details carefully before submitting. We will not check your listings for accuracy. Please make sure you have entered the appropriate information in the fields (e.g., contact information & address under "Venue" should apply to the venue, not your organization; likewise, information under "Presenting Organization"); if you do not have the appropriate information, please leave blank.

Please use the auto-fill drop-down menus, if applicable, to avoid creating duplicates.

If you notice incorrect venue or organization information in our system and wish to submit a change request, or if you have submitted an event and significant information has changed (e.g. event cancellation, change of date, change of venue) and needs to be edited, please call us with a detailed request and we will accommodate as best we can.

North State Public Radio reserves the right not to publish any listing that violates our guidelines or which we deem inappropriate.