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Community College Transfer Initiative Targets UC's Most Popular Majors

Katie Orr
Capital Public Radio
University of California President Janet Napolitano announces the UC's new "Transfer Pathways" initiative Tuesday in Davis.

Community college students could have an easier time transferring into University of California campuses under a newly-announced UC initiative.

The Transfer Pathways initiative lays out specific community college courses for some of the UC’s most popular majors so potential transfer students can see what classes to take. That way, community college students can take one set of classes – and then apply to any of the UC’s nine undergraduate campuses.

UC President Janet Napolitano says setting this program up wasn’t easy:

“To get all of the undergraduate campuses to agree on what the requisite classes are, so that students when they transfer truly enter as juniors and graduate – there are a lot of moving pieces there,” she said.

At first, the initiative will cover 10 majors, including physics, economics and anthropology. It will expand to include 11 more majors later this year.

This story was produced by Capital Public Radio.

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