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Interview With Sonoma State Economics Professor Dr. Robert Eyler: North State Economic Forecast

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Despite recent disasters, the North State’s economy is plugging along at a steady pace, and according to Robert Eyler, a professor of economics at Sonoma State University, it will likely continue to do so.


Eyler delivered his annual economic forecast in Redding last week, part of a daylong conference held by Chico State’s Center for Economic Development. Low interest rates and tame inflation should fuel lending and business activity without risk of overexpansion. However, risks do remain. 



Credit Sonoma State University
Professor Robert Eyler

Tariffs and international trade disruption could hurt agriculture, while the forestry sector could see renewed employment if federal and state officials invest in fuel reduction. Meanwhile, the pace of reconstruction and the rate of outmigration after the Camp Fire is something of a wildcard with ripples throughout the region. 



North State Public Radio’s Marc Albert spoke with Dr. Eyler at length earlier this week. He began the conversation by asking if we are overdue for another recession.