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Judge Extends Restraining Order Barring Sweeps Of Homeless Encampments In Chico

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Encampments along Chico's Bidwell Park.

A federal judge Monday extended a temporary restraining order halting the removal of homeless encampments in Chico. U.S District Judge Morrison England Jr. extended the restraining order through June 11.

The order bars the city from clearing homeless encampments on public property.

Lawyers for both the city of Chico and a group of unhoused people suing over the city’s sweeps of homeless camps had requested the extension to continue negotiating a possible resolution.

In court documents filed last week, the attorneys said the city formed a homelessness committee that’s been gathering input over the last two weeks.

The lawyers added that information collected in those public hearings will be used to further discussions.

A status update is expected by June 4.