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Chico Shelter Crisis Declaration Set To Expire


The City Council in Chico will let its shelter crisis declaration expire at the end of the month.

The council initially declared a shelter crisis in 2018, which city officials say allowed local service providers to take advantage of one-time funds distributed through the state’s Homeless Emergency Aid Program.

Funding associated with the homeless program is statutorily set to end on June 30.

Councilmember Alex Brown supported a failed attempt to consider extending the city’s shelter crisis declaration past that date. Brown said an extension could mean fewer regulations in setting up shelters on city property. It also could open the city to future funding if it became available.

“That’s a hypothetical but given that funding came through with that requirement, it would not be a surprise to see it come through again,” Brown said.

Councilmember Kami Denlay stood in opposition. She noted an extension would legally require city officials to develop a plan by July 1 to move people from shelters to permanent housing.

She questioned the city’s capability to handle the work.