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Chico City Clerk’s Office sends efforts to recall Mayor Coolidge and Councilmember Morgan back to square one

Downtown Chico

Chico Mayor Andrew Coolidge and Councilmember Sean Morgan were both served intent to recall notices earlier this month, but that effort was stopped in its tracks Wednesday after the city’s elections office rejected the initial paperwork required to move the process forward.

Chico City Clerk Debbie Presson said the paperwork did not meet election code, as proponents' names and addresses had been typed in advance rather than hand-written by the signees.

"If they choose to start over, and I believe that they're committed to doing that, then they will have to re-serve each individual member of the council that they wish to recall, as well as go through the various steps that they've already taken," Presson said.

Chico Voters Media Representative Morgan Kennedy said the group will be re-submitting the proper forms and signatures to move forward with both recalls.