Alexa Benson-Valavanis is president and CEO of a philanthropic foundation based in Chico. When she was 25, she was making plans to enter a Buddhist monastery in Nova Scotia when a encounter with a stranger resulted in an invitation to work in Shanghai, China. In a three-year journey from Shanghai to Hong Kong, Guatemala to Vietnam, Alexa struggled to reconcile her sexuality with her longing for a relationship with God.

On this episode of The Practical Gardener, Pam Geisel talks about winter and fall vegetables.  

Maralee Wofford (pen name Maralee Lowder) writes novels about the Old Mortuary in Dunsmuir, California which has converted into an inn. The building is thought to be haunted and ghosts have been seen there. 

When local author David Allee lived in Hawaii, he heard of haunted places there and has written a historical novel based on what he learned.

On this episode of The Practical Gardener, Pam Geisel answers a listener question about how to achieve worm-free apples.

Eric Miller is a former "North State Voices" columnist for the Chico Enterprise-Record and Etc. Guy blogger. His stories are inspired by his life as a husband, a father of two teenage daughters, and son of adventurous parents.

In this episode of Edible North State, Earl Bloor shares highlights from his trip to the Edible Communities Institute conference in New York City.

After being awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, poet, writer, singer, and teacher Maya Angelou came to Chico in 2011. Her interview with Nancy was originally recorded then. Dr. Angelou died on May 28, 2014, and the interview about her life and her latest book, a cookbook, was rebroadcast.

Roger Lederer and Carol Burr : Latin For Bird Lovers

Jun 4, 2014

Chico husband and wife retired professors Roger Lederer and Carol Burr combined their knowledge of birds and their knowledge of words to create a fascinating book about the scientific names of birds and where these names come from. Ornithologist Roger recites the full scientific name of the common hoopoe, whose name Upupa epops imitates its call. Their book includes interesting facts about feathers and beaks, and why Ian Fleming named James Bond after a real ornithologist. The book was reviewed in the Wall Street Journal on May 25, 2014.

In part two of an interview with war correspondent Ann Scott Tyson and her husband Jim Gant, she tells why Osama bin Laden wanted her husband killed.

Ann Scott Tyson was a war correspondent for the Washington Post. She wrote about a U. S. Army Special Forces major named Jim Gant, and ended up marrying this charismatic and controversial commander who joins her in the interview.