Barry Hazle

Host, The Shasta Serenade

Barry was a foundling in an old adobe in Southern California, adopted by nomadic Polish Gypsies, and lived with them until the age of 50. He has had no formal schooling, but learned to play the fiddle by the age of five. Throughout his early years, one could find him fiddling away in the foothills of Northern California tending his Lithuanian goats, making cheese and goat meat Kielbasa.  He was renowned for his sheepherder’s bread making.  He accidentally baked a rock into a particularly delicious loaf of bread, on which the chief of the gypsy clan broke a bicuspid. The clan seized his shepherd's cane and the Chief broke it in half tossing the parts to the ground. Barry was thus humiliated, and banished for life from the only family he had ever known. (Later, Barry sold the recipe for the Kielbasa to the NHL for a small fortune – they use it in the manufacturing of hockey pucks).

Heartbroken, and lost without his goats, he wandered the valleys and foothills for 25 years until an old radio DJ took pity on him and led him into the bowels of an ancient radio station. The DJ was tired of the gig and asked Barry to sit in for him for just a day showing Barry how to move the dials and which buttons to push.

The old DJ never returned – and Barry has been in the chair sliding levers and pushing buttons ever since.

Sadly, he does not remember how to escape.

The Shasta Serenade

Aug 20, 2016

This week the Shasta Serenade opens with Marcia Ball’s cover of Randy Newman’s classic “Louisiana 1927.” It seems every few years residents of the Mississippi Delta get their teeth kicked in by flooding, and this year they’ve experienced at least a 500-year event. Just thinking about the loss of life, not to mention the loss of one’s home and treasures  affects us deeply. Newman’s song captures that feeling of loss and defeat in the face of Mother Nature’s relentless force. We continue with our exploration of Americana with an eclectic selection of blue, rock, folk and popular music.


The Shasta Serenade

Aug 13, 2016

 This week’s Shasta Serenade continues our eclectic selections of Americana music with new music from John Prine, Coty Hogue, Session Americana, Kelley McRae and Sam Bush. We revisit Shelby Lynne’s “Paper Van Gogh” and an oldie from Merle Haggard recorded in 1980. Lyle Lovett wishes he had a boat from the 1987 album, “Pontiac” and Willie sings “Summertime,” which is rapidly fading into fall.  

The Shasta Serenade

Aug 6, 2016

This week on the Shasta Serenade we continue our exploration of the artists coming to the Fall Strawberry Music Festival, Sept 1-4, at Westside in Tuolumne City. We also play a couple of tunes from Linda Ronstadt celebrating her 70th birthday (July 15). And we introduce Marley’s Ghost new album, “Woodstock Sessions.” Plenty of music on this week’s show.

Rock-A-Barry Weekend

Jul 30, 2016

It’s the last weekend of the month folks and we turn the Shasta Serenade into the Rock-a-Barry Weekend Show. We’ll be playing Rock n’ Roll, R&B, Country Music and Pop from the 1940s into the 70s. This month we catch up on a few birthdays that I missed, like Linda Ronstadt’s 70th, doowopper, now blues man, Dion DiMucci, 50s-60s crooner Jerry Vale, Marvin Rainwater and Bobby Day, just to name a few. Join us for the party.

The Shasta Serenade

Jul 23, 2016

This week on the Shasta Serenade we’ll continue playing music from artists scheduled to play the Fall Strawberry Music Festival, Labor Day Weekend, September 1-4 at Westside in Tuolumne City. In between we bring back Patty Loveless and Ralph Stanley in a recorded live performance of “Pretty Polly,” The Bluegrass Album Band from 1981, The O’Kanes from 1988, Peter Rowan and the Nashville Bluegrass Band and Gordon Lightfoot’s number one hit, “Sundown.” We have plenty of contemporary Americana from The Deer, Parker Millsap, Brothers Comatose, Courtney Marie Anderson, and many more. Join us for two hours of eclectic Americana music.

The Shasta Serenade

Jul 16, 2016

This week’s Shasta Serenade is crammed with new releases and music new to the Serenade.

We have music from Austin-based The Deer and their new album, “Tempest & Rapture,” and Seattle-based Evening Bell will release a new album August 12 entitled “Dying Star.”

Teddy Thompson and Kelly Jones have released a fantastic album, “Little Windows.”

Plus, you’re going to hear from Frankie Lee, I Draw Slow, Paul Burch, Cyndi Lauper (her new country album, “Detour”), and one of my favorite new releases, “Honest Life,” from Courtney Marie Andrews.

We spend time talking up concerts and The Summer Music & Arts Festival, July 23 in Manton, and we also explore the Fall Strawberry Music Festival coming September 1-4 in Tuolumne City at the new and developing festival site located at the old Westside lumber mill.  

The Shasta Serenade

Jul 9, 2016

This week on the Shasta Serenade we get a little bluesy in the first half-hour with Marcia Ball, Eric Clapton, Tom Petty, Dave & Phil Alvin and Townes Van Zandt. After that it’s wide open Americana with new music from Sarah Jarosz, Kelly McRae, Gretchen Peters and Ana Egge. We revisit many older tunes and review the upcoming concerts and festivals in Northern California.

The Shasta Serenade

Jul 2, 2016

Lately, it seems every week we are paying our respects to musical icons who have passed, and this week it is Ralph Stanley and Scotty Moore. Stanley, with his distinctive vocals and banjo playing style, was one of the last original bluegrass innovators, although he preferred to call his music old time mountain music, not bluegrass. Stanley died June 23 at the age of 89. He and his brother Carter formed the Stanley Brothers in 1946 and after his brother died in 1966 Ralph carried on, fronting the Clinch Mountain Boys well into his 80s and recording over 70 albums.

Scotty Moore, who died June 28, was a member of the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame. He was the original guitarist for Elvis Presley and helped establish the rockabilly sound. As a member and leader of The Blue Moon Boys he, along with Bill Black (bass) and D.J. Fontana (drums), set the foundation of rock ‘n roll. Rolling Stone named him #29 of the top 100 most influential guitarists of all time. I’ll play Junior Parker’s “Mystery Train,” a tune that Scotty recorded with Elvis in 1955 that is considered one of the greatest rock ‘n roll recordings of all time. And I’ll play more of Moore’s music the last weekend of July on The Rock-a-Barry Weekend Show. I’ve packed a lot of music into this week’s 2-hour show, along with our calendar of coming concerts and festivals.

Rock-A-Barry Weekend

Jun 25, 2016

On Shasta Serenade, host Barry Hazle mixes up an eclectic brew of Americana, blues, rockabilly, folk, bluegrass and timeless standards from his perch in Oak Run. Shasta Serenade airs Saturdays at 12 p.m.

The Shasta Serenade

Jun 18, 2016

This week’s Shasta Serenade continues our journey through Americana music, with selections from Billy Joe Shaver, Lyle Lovett, Peter Rowan and more with a Southwest theme. And we explore more new music from Parker Millsap, The Painted Horses, Ana Egge, Kelley McRae and Willie Sugarcapps – to name just a few. Two hours of eclectic Americana Music – hope you have time to listen.