Barry Hazle

Host, The Shasta Serenade

Barry was a foundling in an old adobe in Southern California, adopted by nomadic Polish Gypsies, and lived with them until the age of 50. He has had no formal schooling, but learned to play the fiddle by the age of five. Throughout his early years, one could find him fiddling away in the foothills of Northern California tending his Lithuanian goats, making cheese and goat meat Kielbasa.  He was renowned for his sheepherder’s bread making.  He accidentally baked a rock into a particularly delicious loaf of bread, on which the chief of the gypsy clan broke a bicuspid. The clan seized his shepherd's cane and the Chief broke it in half tossing the parts to the ground. Barry was thus humiliated, and banished for life from the only family he had ever known. (Later, Barry sold the recipe for the Kielbasa to the NHL for a small fortune – they use it in the manufacturing of hockey pucks).

Heartbroken, and lost without his goats, he wandered the valleys and foothills for 25 years until an old radio DJ took pity on him and led him into the bowels of an ancient radio station. The DJ was tired of the gig and asked Barry to sit in for him for just a day showing Barry how to move the dials and which buttons to push.

The old DJ never returned – and Barry has been in the chair sliding levers and pushing buttons ever since.

Sadly, he does not remember how to escape.

The Shasta Serenade

Jun 11, 2016

This week the bluegrass super-group, The Boxcars, is coming to the North State (see our Shasta Serenade events page at: and we play selections from artists coming to the various music festivals and concerts. We have new artists (the artists themselves are not new – just new to the Serenade) this week like Willie Sugarcapps and Parker Millsap. Plus, we have new music from Dear John Love Renée, Sierra Hull, the Del McCoury Band, The Honeycutters and new ‘swamp rock’ from Tony Joe White. All in all, a very busy show this week.

The Shasta Serenade

Jun 4, 2016

This week I finally get the opportunity to pay my respects to Guy Clark and James King, both of whom died in late May. I have new music from Coty Hogue, Ana Egge, Evie Ladin, Shawn Colvin & Steve Earle, and, from Canada, The Bills. We’ll also hear from a new grouping of familiar Northwestern based singer-songwriters calling themselves Western Centuries. Finally, there are some great opportunities to see live music over the next month or two, and I’ll review those in my calendar segment.

The Shasta Serenade

May 16, 2016

This week on the Shasta Serenade we continue our previews of upcoming music festivals in the North State. I will review the performers at the Berkeley Bluegrass Festival, The Spring Strawberry Music Festival, and the Fathers’ Day Bluegrass Festival in Grass Valley. And then I’ll preview The Kate Wolf Music Festival and The High Sierra Music Festival. Music festivals are the best value in live music, so get out and see live music – there’s nothing better. All of the festival information can be found at Next week, May 21, we’ll preview the Susanville Bluegrass Festival at the Lassen County Fairgrounds.  

The Shasta Serenade

May 7, 2016

This week on the Shasta Serenade we take a peek at three upcoming music festivals in Northern California. On May 20-22 it’s the Berkeley Bluegrass Festival at the Freight & Salvage; and the Strawberry Music Spring Festival, May 26 – 29 at the Nevada County Fairgrounds in Grass Valley; and finally, the California Bluegrass Association’s 41st Fathers’ Day festival, June 16-19, also at the Nevada County Fairgrounds in Grass Valley. We’ll be playing music by many of the performers from each of those festivals.

When it comes to getting out and seeing live music, a festival is the best bang for your hard-earned dollar. Next week we’ll continue exploring the artists coming to other festivals around the state.  

Rock-A-Barry Weekend

Apr 30, 2016

This is the last weekend of April and the Shasta Serenade morphs into the Rock-a-Barry Weekend Show, although I think this month it should be Pop-a-Barry ‘cuz we’re celebrating a lot of pop and jazz artists’ birthdays. Leading the way are Ella Jane Fitzgerald, Bobby Rydell and his pop-hit “Sway” and Jersey Boy Frankie Valli of the Four Seasons. Also on hand will be Roy Orbison, “Wrecking Crew” member and super star Glen Campbell, Tammy Terrell, Judy Collins and Dusty Springfield,  just to name a few.

And remember that next week’s show (May 7) we will preview some of the music festivals being staged in Northern California. Music festivals are easily the best entertainment value you can get, so I hope you have time to tune in. See you at the music!

The Shasta Serenade

Apr 23, 2016

This week on the Shasta Serenade we open with more cuts from Jeff White, Austin Plaine and The Currys and then we’ll play some music from folks I haven’t played in a while, Chatham County Line, Balsam Range, Jamestown Revival, Steve Spurgin, Sturgill Simpson and Doug Seegers. Of course there is a lot more tucked between these artists. In hour two we feature a short set of Jackson Browne music along with Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, and Trout Steak Revival.

This week on the Shasta Serenade we’ll have new music from a Florida trio of two brothers and a cousin --they call themselves The Currys. And we’ll check out new music from Austin Plaine and Kelly McRae. All this will be wrapped in a wide array of Americana music from Sarah Jarosz, Merle Haggard, Jason Isbell, Rabbit Wilde, Blame Sally, Mark Knopfler and many more.

This week on Shasta Serenade, host Barry Hazle celebrates the music of the late Merle Haggard.


This week I’m playing new music from Kelly McRae’s album, “The Wayside,” due out April 7, and a new release from Andy Ferrell, “At Home and in Nashville.”

There are a number of concerts coming to the North State and I’ll play a few tunes from those folks in the hopes it spurs you into going out and supporting live music.

Hope you’ll tune in to the Shasta Serenade and join us for two hours of eclectic Americana music. See you at the music, Barry.


This is the last weekend of March 2016 and it’s The Rock-a-Barry Weekend! Old Rock ‘n Roll, R&B, Pop and Country Music from the 40s through the 70s. This weekend we start out in the surf of Southern California, and motate to some of the best R&B the 50s and 60s have to offer. Artists included in this week’s memories: Baby Washington, Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Jimmy Reed, Wynonie Harris (one of the fathers of Rock ‘n Roll), along with Jackie Wilson, The Supremes and many more. In the second hour we remember movie and TV western themes and review some of the greatest country artists of the 50s.