Kelly Frost

News Reporter (Stringer - Redding Bureau)

Kelly is a graduate of Chabot Junior College in Hayward, California. After nearly 25 years in commercial radio, Kelly arrived in Redding and joined North State Public Radio first as a volunteer. He began covering Redding City Council meetings and other local events and was eventually hired as KFPR's Redding news reporter.

Kelly continues to volunteer for KIXE-TV in Redding. He's active in his church and is an avid Star Trek fan.  Kelly’s son, Kelly Jr., also works in radio and is carrying on the legacy!

Redding Councilman Adam McElvain kept one of his campaign promises and floated the idea of bringing a fiber internet utility to Redding.  NSPR's Kelly Frost has more.

McElvain wants to create a public internet utility that would bring speeds of up to 10 gigabites to the downtown core of Redding, where he says Google already has a high speed fiber conduit running along the railroad tracks. He explains that this is something that only the public sector, like the Redding Electric Utility can do.

After months of talks and delayed offers, the Redding City Council has finally agreed upon a buyer for the former police station downtown. The building, which also housed a car dealership prior to its life as a cop shop, was sold Tuesday night to Equity Streams, which has plans to develop some sort of commercial venture, possibly including mixed retail and residential. 

Big changes are in the works for downtown Redding. A community meeting was held last Thursday to discuss the downtown specific plan which will completely revamp the downtown area.

The existing plan has not been updated since 2001. Paul Helman, planning manager for the City of Redding, says the plan will regulate development, land use, parks, bicycle and pedestrian use and parking, but it won't be specific to each parcel.

Work on the storm damaged section of Keswick Dam Road in Redding should be complete in about two to four weeks. The emergency repair work may also be eligible for 100 percent reimbursement from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Because of the emergency nature of the repairs the normal bidding process was waived and work began immediately after a council vote two weeks ago. Public Works Director Brian Crane says recent storms have completely closed Keswick Dam Road near Sulphur Creek.

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As far as marijuana regulations go in the city of Redding, it's status quo — at least for the next 45 days.

Despite the passage of Proposition 64, which legalizes marijuana for recreational use in California, the Redding City Council voted to keep things as they are for now. The moratorium on any sale or outdoor cultivation will stay in effect for 45 days, while the council puts together the rules that will govern the use of marijuana going forward. 

It’s been two weeks since 34-year-old mother Sherri Papini disappeared without a trace near Redding. Now the FBI is getting involved.

Papini was last seen Nov. 2 taking a jog near her home off of Old Oregon Trail in Mountain Gate. Her husband discovered her cell phone and some other items near Sunrise Drive after she failed to return home and left her children in daycare. 

In an interview with NSPR, Keith Papini says he is still holding on to hope that she'll turn up, and that she is still out there somewhere.

On a night when the Redding Peace Officers Association agreed to pick up an additional 1.5 percent of their retirement contributions, the City Council voted to dole out an additional $1,500 for two of the city’s department heads.

The McConnell Foundation dropped a bombshell at Tuesday night’s meeting of the Redding City Council. With the Council poised to vote on a non-binding letter of intent with a private equity firm to purchase the old police station downtown, McConnell came in with a last-minute competing offer.

The offer, which literally came at the 11th hour, was for $25,000 more than the existing offer by Equity Streams, which plans to build office space and a restaurant on the California Street site.

The Redding City Council talked groundwater last night – particularly how to move ahead with sustainable management of the region’s aquifer.

In 2014 Governor Jerry Brown mandated that the State Water Resources Control Board require agencies that sit over groundwater basins come up with a plan to ensure the sustainability of each aquifer.

The four candidates vying for two Redding City Council Seats recently hashed out their policies on public safety, even though the forum they were attending was billed as a chance for them to talk about trails, parks and recreation.

The forum was sponsored by several different groups with an interest in outdoor issues. But rather than open space and recreation, discussion quickly veered into the hot-button topic of public safety, or a lack thereof in the city’s open spaces.