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Merrie Wales

Host, Blues People

Music is a large part of what influenced who and what I am. We had a family band: Mom on piano, Dad on baritone, older brother on sax, me on clarinet, and younger brother on trumpet. We were B A D and it was fun. We sang around the piano in the evening, and at family gatherings.

I learned how to play the guitar in junior high and there were plenty of “sings around campfires.” I went to a jazz club, in the early '70s in Berkeley and heard a three-piece group (drums, string base and piano) and was hooked by the intelligence of the music. It felt like coming home. Since then the Blues has captured my heart, and discovering the variety of Blues sounds has been an enjoyable journey for me.

I will never be a musician, and spinning the blues and jazz music at NSPR for those of you on the other end of the mic is one of my biggest joys.