Phil Wilke

General Manager

Phil Wilke is the General Manager of North State Public Radio. Wilke comes to NSPR from Las Cruces, New Mexico, where he served as the director of membership and community outreach for KRWG Public Media, which provides public radio and television to communities in Southern New Mexico and West Texas. Prior to his time in Las Cruces, he served as media manager for Kansas Public Radio.

In this episode of “After Paradise,” we commemorate the year anniversary of the Camp Fire by focusing on where we are now, 365 days after the fire. We’ll hear from those working in mental health about how the one year mark is triggering stress and anxiety for many in the community, and about practical ways to manage. We’ll hear about recovery from survivors living in communities all over the Camp Fire burn scar. And we’ll visit with a few people providing a message of hope. It’s been a long road, and it may not feel like it now, but we can turn the challenges and devastation of this disaster into Post Traumatic growth. 


After Paradise: Week 25

May 2, 2019

Tonight on “After Paradise” it’s been 25 weeks since the Camp Fire started.

We first get our regular update from Butte County, the Town of Paradise, FEMA and CalOES. We also go to Paradise and hear from residents who celebrated Gold Nugget Days over the weekend. The annual tradition was held Saturday for the first time since the Camp Fire.


We also answer many of your questions — about Phase Two debris removal, how FEMA makes decisions about who gets housing and why so many trees are being cut down on the ridge.

After Paradise: Week 24

Apr 25, 2019


Tonight on "After Paradise" it's been 24 weeks since the Camp Fire started. We get an update from four government officials working in Camp Fire recovery, we hear from Chico News & Review Managing Editor Meredith Cooper about a group looking to better manage future wildfire in Concow and about why some who perished from fire related causes aren’t being counted in the death tool, and we also hear from students at three universities who’ve been envisioning the rebuild of the Ridge and have blueprints and ideas to share with the community.  

After Paradise: Week 23

Apr 18, 2019

Tonight on “After Paradise” it’s been 23 weeks since the Camp Fire started. In this episode, we hear the latest on PG&E, debris removal and the redesign of Paradise. We also hear from residents rebuilding in Coffey Park — a community in Santa Rosa that was destroyed in the Tubbs Fire a year-and-a-half ago. We also take a look at homelessness after the Camp Fire, and hear a story about the Helltown Hotshots – four men who stayed behind to help save their community.


Tonight on “After Paradise” it’s been 21 weeks since the Camp Fire started. We hear from a doctor at Adventist Health who tells us about the hospital’s new Cancer Care Center in Chico, we hear about a group who’s meeting to give Camp Fire survivors support and to discuss redesigning Paradise, and we hear from survivors of the Camp and Carr fires about whether or not their perspectives have changed on climate change after the fires.

Tonight on After Paradise, it’s been 20 weeks since the Camp Fire started. We bring you the latest post-Camp Fire recovery news, we learn why some pets were easily reunited with their owners after the fire and why other weren’t, and we hear from a man who lost his home, but has returned to work on the ridge with his food truck.

Tonight on After Paradise, it’s been 19 weeks since the Camp Fire started. New water contamination warnings raises more questions and concerns. Evacuees with few housing options were promised modular homes by the federal government, but three and a half months after the fire, is the progress only on paper? 

Tonight on After Paradise, it’s been 18 weeks since the Camp Fire started. Tonight on “After Paradise” we hear about a new case management program in Butte County that’s helping connect Camp Fire survivors to resources they still need four months after the fire, we hear from two women who have returned to Paradise about what their lives are like living in a town of rubble with few others in it and we go to Magalia to learn how the Butte County Fire Safe Council is working to prevent fires from happening in the area in the future.  

After Paradise: Week 17

Mar 7, 2019

Tonight on After Paradise, it’s been 17 weeks since the Camp Fire started. In this episode we hear from those determined to return to Paradise that hold the first building permits that have been issued in the town, and we hear from a veterinarian who was on the front lines helping save animals after the Camp Fire erupted. We also talk to Meredith Cooper, managing editor at the Chico News & Review about her recent story on the widespread contamination in Paradise’s water system.  

After Paradise: Week 15

Feb 21, 2019

Tonight on After Paradise – it’s been 15 weeks since the Camp Fire started. In this episode we hear from Chico Mayor Randall Stone about the major housing shortage in the City of Chico, we learn why a new law enacted to help California fire survivors with insurance coverage will not benefit those displaced by the Camp Fire and we hear from the Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce about the work going into bringing a vibrant business community back to Paradise.