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California Burning: Solutions To California's Wildfire Problem
7 p.m. Sept 30 - Oct 4 (Mon-Fri)

Natural disasters are increasing across the nation. In the West, these disasters often come in the form of wildfire, and perhaps no state understands the true cost of wildfire like California. The Golden State has always had forest fires, but they're progressively becoming harder to control and more deadly. At the same time, the state's population has surpassed 40 million, pushing people further into wild spaces that have been adapted to fire. California Burning takes a critical look at how the state's fire-prone forests have been managed and examines how we can all be better stewards of the land and avoid catastrophic wildfires in the future. California Burning is a special radio series and podcast from North State Public Radio. Produced by Matt Fidler, Sarah Bohannon and Gregg McVicar.

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