Best Of Blue Dot: Science Park: Lassen Volcanic NP Now A Part Of UC Natural Reserves

Mar 20, 2020

Lassen Volcanic National Park
Credit Visit California

On this classic episode of Blue Dot we revisit Lassen Volcanic National Park, the latest addition to the University of California Natural Reserve System. The 41 units of the UCNRS represent virtually every ecosystem in this ecologically diverse state and make it the largest university affiliated preserve system in the world. 

Dave talks to UC Davis's Jeffrey Clary, who will be charged with administering the Lassen Field Station and park Superintendent Jim Richardson as they discuss how and why Lassen Park, one of the most scientifically valuable units in the National Park System, was chosen as a field site for UC researchers and their students.

Dave also visits with his friend, USGS volcanologist Michael Clynne, the world's foremost expert on the park's geology, about a new book for a lay audience he co-authored, Geology of The Lassen Country.