Blue Dot 125: Menno Schilthuizen

Dec 7, 2018

Credit Menno Schilthuizen

Evolution by natural selection is taking place everywhere on Earth. Or is it? As in "natural." In this episode Dave talks to Menno Schilthuizen, an evolutionary biologist from the Netherlands. His new book Darwin Comes To Town: How The Urban Jungle Drives Evolution examines how evolution is not only taking place, it is accelerating in our cities.

It's a fascinating look at everything from fungii and insects to pigeons, crows and coyotes that are adapting to live in the most urban environments on the planet. Schilthuizen is as gifted as a story teller as he is a scientist examining how Darwinian evolution is taking place in the Anthropocene era -- the age of humans dominating our planetary home.

 Finally, Dave shares his thoughts on his longtime hometown of Paradise that has been destroyed by the Camp Fire in a replay of his commentary that aired on After Paradise.