Blue Dot 128: John Morales & Rob Elvington

Jan 11, 2019

Credit The Weather Channel


Two of our favorite experts on weather and climate return for this special discussion moderated by Dave. Both of them were on the frontlines of the worst extreme weather disasters of 2018.



John Morales began his career working for the National Weather Service before becoming a TV meteorologist for the Spanish language network Telemundo and then the NBC affiliate in Miami. Morales was invited to the White House for a conference on climate change during the Clinton Administration that helped solidify his understanding that Global Warming was real and led to his being in the vanguard of TV meteorologists trying to communicate the scientific basis of it to the public.

Rob Elvington grew up in North Carolina and like Morales, was deeply influenced by extreme weather events like hurricanes. Elvington has spent the past decade using his scientific expertise as one of the forecasters for ABC affiliate Channel 7R in Redding, California.

Morales tells us what it was like to go on air during epic hurricanes like Michael, which savaged the Florida panhandle while Elvington explains his role in reporting the devastating Carr and Camp Fires that wrought terrible devastation in Northern California. Two meteorologists on the frontline of extreme weather discuss how they communicate the ever increasing peril of climate change to the public.