Blue Dot 130: Dr. Joseph Pechkis

Jan 25, 2019

William Mixter (recently graduated with Bachelors), Michael Doris, Hyewon, and Dr. Joseph A. Pechkis
Credit Joseph A. Pechkis

On the next Blue Dot, Dave Schlom examines university research examining the strange world of Quantum Physics using cutting edge cold atom experiments. Stanford? MIT? No, it is happening in an undergraduate  program at California State University Chico, due to an amazing relationship with CSU Physics professors Hyewon and Joe Pechkis along with their friend and mentor, Nobel Laureate William Phillips.




Under the direction of Professors Pechkis, CSU Physics and Electrical Engineering major Michael Doris has been able to do research previously unattainable at the undergraduate level at state universities. Joe Pechkis and Michael Doris join us to probe the inner workings of nature at the quantum level and discuss the real practical applications for future technologies like quantum computing. Later in the show, Pechkis also shares his love for the physics of music, describing a course he teaches for non science majors and even drops into Studio C for a way cool demonstration!