Blue Dot 169: Growing Up Apollo: An Interview With Moonwalker's And Flight Controller Kids

Jan 3, 2020

Amy Bean, left, and Tracy Cernan, right, 10 years old, Splashdown day of Skylab II mission, September 25, 1973.

Dave visits with some very special friends! Amy Bean, Tracy Cernan, and Gwen Griffin all grew up inside the Apollo Moon program during the late 1960s and early 70s. Amy and Tracy's Dad's were among the 12 men who are the only ones to have ever walked on another world -- The Moon. 



Tracy Cernan Woolie, left, daughter Ashley Woolie and Amy Bean, daughter Victoria Mellin, 1993, Introducing our new babies.

Amy's father Alan Bean was the Lunar Module Pilot for Apollo 12 and the fourth man on the Moon, Tracy's Dad, the  Gene Cernan was the last man to walk on the Moon, Gene Cernan, who commanded Apollo 17. 



Tracy Cernan Woolie, Gwen Griffin and Amy Bean strike a pose.

Gwen Griffin's father Gerry Griffin was one of the Flight Directors back in Mission Control in Houston that made sure their fathers were able to complete their missions. It was also Gerry who sent Dave a picture of the three women that led to this interview! 


We also chat with Peter Conrad, whose father Pete Conrad (who was killed in a motorcycle crash in 1999) was the Commander of Apollo 12. The three women were close friends as kids and remain so to this day and that bond has also been a blessing for them dealing with the loss of their astronaut fathers in recent years. 


Find out what it was like to live a normal life (thanks in great part to their amazing Moms) while growing up inside the bubble of America's Space program during NASA's pioneering age.