Blue Dot 181: A POWERFUL VOICE FOR ECONOMIC MORALITY : A Conversation With Jacqueline Novogratz

Jun 19, 2020

Jacqueline Novogratz, Acumen Founder and CEO
Credit Acumen

Dave has been thinking a lot lately, like many of us, about the role that market-driven economic policies have on the environment, social justice issues, and the lives of people around the world. So when a copy of Manifesto for A Moral Revolution by Jacqueline Novogratz showed up in the mail, he read it and immediately decided to interview its author. 


The conversation between Dave and Jacqueline, the CEO of Acumen, a global community of entrepreneurs and investors literally invested in creating a more just and sustainable world economy covers a wide array of stories of hard-fought successes by heroic individuals living in countries like Pakistan, Uganda, Colombia and, yes, here in the U.S.


There is a way for market forces to do good for people, but it isn't easy -- then again, nothing worth doing ever is.