Blue Dot 87: Ann Druyan

Feb 2, 2018

In this episode of Blue Dot, Dave is joined by Kate Fullam to interview Ann Druyan. Ann was the Creative Director of the Voyager Interstellar Message Project. She co-wrote ‘COSMOS: A Personal Voyage’ with her late husband Carl Sagan. She was awarded the Emmy and Peabody awards for ‘COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey. In this wide ranging discussion we'll hear about Ann's relationship with her late husband the creation of the reboot of Cosmos on Fox Television and the release of the catalog of books by Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan on Audible last year. A second season, Cosmos: Possible Worlds is in production with Druyan and the rest of the Cosmos team and will be on Fox in 2019. The second half of the show features a report from Sheryl Hosler, The Roving Naturalist from YouTube. Sheryl will tell us about the strange an interesting lives of parasitic sea lice.