Blue Dot At The Beach: The Cultural And Environmental Impacts Of Surfing Part 2

Aug 14, 2020

Airrion Copeland, Executive Director of 5gyres shredding it in Southern California.

In the conclusion of our two-part series on surfing as a mirror of bigger issues like environmental stress as well as racism and sexism, Dave talks to two surfers with very different backgrounds but a mutual love of the world in the curl.


Airrion Copeland didn't know how to surf when he was given lessons by a filmmaker who went on to enlist Copeland to produce the documentary White Wash about the history of black surfers. Now Copeland is the Executive Director of 5gyres, an organization dedicated to fighting oceanic plastic pollution and making the waves a more inclusive place for all. 

Pioneering Women's Pro surfer Jericho Poppler. (Surfing Walk of Fame photo by Dan Merkel)

Then Dave talks to a true pioneer in the history of surfing, Jericho Poppler. One of the founders of women's professional surfing, Poppler combined her love of dance and the arts with her passion for ocean waves and became one of the most stylish pro surfers ever. 


One of the dominant champions of the 1970s, Poppler is an inductee in the Surfing Walk of Fame in Huntington Beach and a passionate voice for both surfing and the oceanic environment.