California Burning: Episode 1—Our History With Fire

Sep 29, 2019

James Lewis and Smokey Bear strike a pose.
Credit James Lewis


Smokey Bear is arguably the most effective advertising campaign in American history—but Smokey’s message created a fear in many of us that’s led to a misunderstanding of fire.

In this first episode of California Burning, we explore what Smokey got wrong, and we learn how a series of unprecedented wildfires in the early twentieth-century started forest management policies that have contributed to the catastrophic wildfires we’re experiencing today.

"Fire is so graphic, and so visceral in a way, that people use it to animate some other agenda, so we end up not really talking about fire and how to deal with the fire problem." —Steven Pyne
From L-R, forest historians: Char Miller and Steven Pyne

Featuring Smokey Bear biographer James Lewis, and forest historians Steven Pyne and Char Miller.

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