California Burning: Episode 4—The Wildland-Urban Interface

Sep 29, 2019

Paradise burn scar
Credit Matt Fidler


Wildfires are no longer isolated to our forests in California. They now also threaten our cities. On the fourth episode of California Burning, we focus on where urban and wild spaces meet and hear from people who have experienced some of the most tragic fires in California’s history.

"We need to learn from those lessons and carry them forward so that not only Paradise when it's rebuilt will never have this happen again, but other communities are across the state and the nation can also benefit from the same experience we've had." —Jim Broshears


Jim and Calli-Jane next to an encroached forest.
Credit Matt Fidler

Featuring Adia White and Steve Mencher from Northern California Public Media (KRCB) in Santa Rosa; Karen and Mark Thompson survivors of the Thomas Fire in Santa Barbara, Jim Broshears for the Town of Paradise's Emergency Operation Center; Calli-Jane DeAnda and Jim Hautman of the Butte County Fire Safe Council; fire geographer, Zeke Lunder; PG&E spokesperson, Paul Moreno, Phillips Family Trust forest manager, Gary Hendrix, and Brennan Byrd.


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