Caltrans Initiates Safety Improvements On State Route 70

Mar 4, 2019

California Highway 70
Credit Sure Why Not Blog

Ahead of significant upgrades getting underway later this year, Caltrans on Wednesday initiates safety improvements along State route 70 between Marysville and Oroville. 

Locals have increasingly associated the heavily trafficked rural highway with fatal wrecks. Wednesday, Caltrans rolls out another safety initiative, designating the 23 mile, two-lane segment between Marysville and Oroville as a daylight headlight safety section.  

Caltrans spokesman Gilbert Mohtes-Chan said using headlights during daylight hours improves visibility, and thus safety.  


“That’s why a lot of vehicles now have the automated headlights. They’ve had studies that have shown that with the headlights on you have increased visibility, especially on two-lane highways. You can see the vehicles better, especially if you’ve got glare.” Mohtes-Chan said. 


What this means for drivers: you’ll see more signs on the road, and if you leave your lights off anyway, you might meet a highway patrol officer, in person. 


Mohtes-Chan said Caltrans will also add additional rumble strips to the highway. 


Elected officials from Yuba and Butte County along with State Senator Jim Nielsen will join Caltrans and California Highway Patrol leaders in announcing the project, along with stepped up enforcement Wednesday. 


Groundbreaking for the first segment of a major widening project along the same stretch of highway, is scheduled for this summer.