Carr Fire Information & Resources

Jul 28, 2018

This post was last updated at 10:08 a.m. on Sunday 7/29/18

CalFire is reporting that 536 structures have been destroyed in the Carr Fire. Five people have been killed, including two children. Officials are still assessing the number of destroyed and damaged homes. Currently 5,000 still remain threatened. The Carr Fire is currently the 18th most destructive wildfire that’s happened in California in the last 15 years. It’s nearly 90,000 acres and still 5 percent contained.

The following places are taking monetary donations for victims of the Carr Fire:

Current Fire Size and Containment

According to the latest from CalFire the Carr Fire is currently 80,906 acres in size and still 5 percent contained. 

Evacuation Orders

  • Community of French Gulch
  • SR 299 west of Trinity Mountain Rd to the base of Buckhorn Summit
  • Whiskey Creek Rd to include the boat launch/day use areas
  • South along Swasey Dr from SR299 to Placer Rd
  • West along Placer Rd from Swasey Dr to Prospect Dr
  • North from Prospect Dr to encompass Middle Park Ranch Land Area
  • West of Overhill Dr and North of SR 299
  • North of SR 299 and West of Spinmaker Rd to the end of Harlan Dr
  • Keswick Dam East to Counter Lane, North to quartz Hill Rd
  • North of Sacramento River to Keswick Dam Rd, West of Market Street and Lake Blvd to Keswick Dam
  • North at Lake Blvd and Oasis Rd to Pine Grove Ave and Walker Mine Rd west of Cascade Rd/ I-5
  • Pine Grove Ave North on Lake Blvd to Shasta Dam incorporating Summit City, North Belt Line and Flannigan Rd Intersection of Placer Rd and Buenaventura Blvd west to Thompson Lane
  • Buenaventura Blvd from Placer Rd to Westside Rd
  • Westside Rd to Keyon Drive incorporating Country Heights and West Redding neighborhood
  • Buenaventura Blvd to SR 299 to Placer Rd
  • Placer Road from Buenaventura Blvd to Cloverdale Rd
  • Cloverdale Rd from Placer Rd to Clear Creek Rd
  • Clear Creek Rd West from Cloverdale Rd to Honey Bee Rd
  • Shasta Dam Visitor Center
  • All of Shasta Dam Blvd
  • All of Shasta Lake City 
  • Placer Rd from the Clear Creek Bridge to Clear Creek Rd
  • Placer Rd at Platina Rd to Buell Rd which includes South Fork Rd, Zogg Mine Road, Jenny Bird Lane, Horse Canyon Rd and all residents West of Platina Rd between Placer Rd and Buell Rd
  • All areas on South Fork Road from Zogg Mine Rd to South Fork Road to include the areas of Bender Rd, Serenity Dr and Serenity Way
  • Hwy 299 at Trinity Dam Road west to Douglas City.
  • Trinity Dam Road Blvd to Hwy 3 including all residences within Lewiston area to Trail Drive, Biggers Road, Steel Bridge Road, Lower Steel Bridge Road, Poker Bar Road, River Road, Quad P Road, Bridge Road, Red Lane, Old Highway, Lewiston Road, Ohio Lane, Lowden Way, Ponderosa Pines, River Front Road, Wellock Road, S. Ponderosa Pine, Coffin Road, Dirt Road, Benvenuto Way, Browns Mountain Road, Mountain Springs Road, Jobe Way, Steelhead Circle, Rebel Road, Quail Point Road, Lockhart Ranch Road, Prut Road, Upper Salt Flat Road, Salt Flat Road, Goose Ranch Road, Dredger Lane, Bacham Lane, Partridge Lane, Shady Lane, River Rock Road, Old Oak Road, Gulch Road and Lewiston Turn Pike Road
  • All roads and streets west of Trinity Dam Blvd and east of Lewiston Road Deadwood Road east of Trinity Dam Blvd.
  • All residences on Baker Road including Cooper Gulch, Posey Road, Lakeview Terrace and Pine Cove Marina including Eagle Mountain Road

Road Closures

  • Ashby Road & Lake Blvd
  • Beltline at Oasis
  • Benton & Quartz Hill Road
  • Buckhorn Summit at SR 299 (Eastbound) Buenaventura at Keswick
  • Buenventura & Hwy 299
  • Caterpillar at Market
  • Clear Creek Road & Cloverdale Lane Hwy 299 at Buckhorn Summit
  • Elk Dr at Carnelian
  • Eureka Way at Court Street
  • Gas Point at Clear Creek Rd
  • Gas Point Road and Foster Road
  • Happy Valley Trail and Hawthorn Road
  • ?Hwy 299 at Buckhorn Summit
  • Iron Mountain Rd at SR 299
  • Keswick Dam Boulevard at Keswick Dam Facility
  • Keswick Dam Road & Quartz Hill Road
  • Lake at Keswick
  • Lake at Oasis
  • Lake at Quartz Hill
  • Lower Springs Rd at Swasey Drive
  • Market at Lake
  • North Market South of Lake
  • North Point at Redwood
  • Oasis Road & Lake Blvd
  • Placer at Buenaventura
  • Placer at Mule Town
  • Plantina Road and Rainbow Lake Road Plantina Road and Placer Road Planting Road & Gas Point Road Railroad at Buenaventura
  • Ridge Lane at SR 299
  • Riviera at Howard
  • SR 299 from Buenaventura Boulevard to Buckhorn Summit
  • SR-273 at Bonnyville
  • SR-273 at Branstetter
  • SR-273 at Breslauer
  • SR-273 at Clear Creek
  • SR-273 at Kenyon
  • SR-273 at Westside Rd
  • Sway Drive & Placer Road
  • Texas Springs at Placer
  • Texas Springs Road & Honeybee Road

Evacuation Centers

  • Simpson College –  2211 College View Ridge in Redding 
  • Crosspointe Community Church – 2960 Hartnell Ave in Redding 
  • Grace Baptist Church –  3782 Churn Creek Rd in Redding
  • Trinity High School  – 321 Victory Lane in Weaverville
  • Foothill High School – 9733 Deschutes Road

*Shasta College and Rolling Hills Casino are at capacity. The evacuation center at Weaverville Elementary School has been closed and moved to Trinity High School.

Animal Evacuation Centers 

  • Redding Rodeo Grounds – 715 Auditorium Drive in Redding (Large animal) 
  • Haven Humane – 9417 East Side Drive in Redding (Small animal) 

If evacuated, items to gather include: 

  • Driver's license/identification cards 
  • Legal and insurance documents 
  • Medications
  • Pre-charged devices (i.e.; cell phones, tablets, extra chargers and batteries) 
  • Extra clothing and shoes 
  • Food/water (including pet food) 

Where To Find Current Information About The Carr Fire 

For road closure information call 2-1-1. You can also see road closures on this Zoomable Map with incidents and cameras. 

To receive emergency notifications sign up for Shasta County's emergency alert system

For information about the fire and evacuations –  call the CalFire info line at 530-225-2510, visit the Carr Fire incident page, or sign up for email alerts from CalFire.

You can also follow the following agencies on social media: