Chico Begins Talks To Boost Housing Production Due To Surge In Population

Dec 3, 2018

Chico, Calif. iaims to boost housing productions to accommodate all new residents.
Credit Suzi Rosenberg / Flickr Creative Commons

Facing a sudden surge in population, elected leaders in Chico tonight will consider some changes aimed at boosting housing production. 



Among the proposals: heavily discounted building permits for temporary housing units, which would include manufactured and modular homes along with   RVs. 



Allowing temporary housing in areas zoned for other purposes for between three to five years.  


Sharply reducing permit fees for so-called accessory dwelling units---often referred to as mother-in-law units, typically a converted detached garage or other small structure. Officials will also consider creating fund to help finance construction of such units, along with stipulations to maintain affordability. 


The council will also consider renewing debate on Simplicity Village, a long sought proposal to house some of the chronically homeless in purpose built backyard toolsheds arranged around central services. 


Today’s meeting also represents a new era, of sorts. After four years with a conservative majority, new members of the council will be sworn in, giving the council’s liberal faction the majority.  


The meeting gets underway this evening at six.