Chico Cannabis Rules Could See Vote Tonight

Nov 25, 2019

Credit Google

City officials in Chico may act this evening on a long-burning question---whether to relax prohibitions against marijuana.

It’s been three years since voters legalized marijuana statewide. Tonight, Chico’s City Council will once again take up the issue of relaxing some local prohibitions.

Before the council are more than 50-pages of proposed regulations that would allow cannabis-related businesses to open under certain circumstances, in specific parts of town, away from schools.

Among the priorities: creating a permit and fee system that covers the city’s costs.


If approved without amendment, the proposal would regulate both recreational and medicinal marijuana.


Rules about growing the substance were removed in earlier meetings. Objections to retail sales remain.


Also on the docket: a proposed partnership with CSU Chico for redeveloping a city parking lot and university-affiliated office buildings adjacent to Lost Park, in the downtown area. Earlier plans called for a mix of shops, offices, and townhouses.