Chico Officials Say No More Budget Cuts Needed Due To COVID-19

Oct 7, 2020

City officials in Chico say no additional budget reductions will be needed due to the coronavirus pandemic. 


City Manager Mark Orme, who briefed the City Council on Tuesday, said the city had reached this “pivotal stage” thanks to an extreme internal focus on finances.



“I am proud to recommend the city’s emergency and operational reserves be fully funded,” he said.


Scott Dowell, the city’s administrative services director, told the council the city is exceeding expectations laid out a few months ago— with higher revenues projected throughout the end of the year.


“This is the best that I’ve seen our financial picture,” he said. “And again I’m only talking what we have on our books. We know that there’s things that we need to do. But purely, looking at our books, this is the best that we’ve been. And it’s a kudos to you as a leadership body, the leadership that has been here, leading this ship over the last few years.”


The council plans to take on other items — such as a nearly $2 million plan to address homelessness in the city — at later meetings.