Chico Police Chief Makes Case For Mandatory Curfews During PG&E’s Preventative Blackouts

Sep 4, 2019

Chico Police Chief Michael O'Brien speaks with Chico City Council.
Credit Marc Albert

Facing potential blackouts by Pacific Gas and Electric Company when fire danger is extreme, Chico Police Chief Michael O’Brien last month proposed establishing an overnight curfew. O’Brien said his aim was starting a conversation in perhaps the largest city at risk—due to its location on the valley’s edge.

On Tuesday, officials were tentatively scheduled to discuss the matter along with alternatives. 

Last week NSPR’s Marc Albert sat down with O’Brien to go over the concept, and began by asking him about the curfew proposal’s origin.

The audio above is Chico police Chief Michael O’Brien, prior to an ad hoc committee’s discussion of a curfew and emergency preparedness.

O’Brien said the city could form Community or Neighborhood Emergency Response Teams—volunteers trained elsewhere in California to help with initial earthquake response.