Chico Updates Climate Action Plan To Hit 2030 Targets

Oct 8, 2020

Credit City of Chico

The Chico Climate Commission meets Thursday for a progress report on the ambitious 2030 targets the Chico City Council set on greenhouse gas reductions, among other issues.


Cheri Chastain, chair of the Chico Climate Commission, says the commission has hired a consultant to update its climate action plan.


“What we’re doing right now is actually updating the climate action plan to project out the actions we need to take over the next 10 years to achieve our climate goals,” she said. 


Chastain says Chico has largely met its goals for this year and is working to hit those higher targets by 2030.


“The goal requires a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions below 1990 levels so we’ve shifted our baseline from 2005 to 1990 and we’ve increased our reductions from 25% up to 40% by 2030,” she said.


The Chico Climate Commission meets every second Tuesday of the month. Meetings are open to the public and virtual. Information on how to log in is available on the City of Chico website.