Cultivating Place: On Creativity: Life In The Studio (& Garden) With Frances Palmer

Oct 1, 2020

All photos from Frances Palmer: Life in the Studio (Artisan, 2020) all rights reserved.



This week we kick off October with a dive into creativity – the way gardeners harness it, riff off it, and share its results forward with the larger world – and I am so pleased that our first creative in this exploration is the potter Frances Palmer, a previous guest on the program, one of the 75 women featured in my book The Earth in Her Hands, and a fantastic inspiration for any gardener maker out there.


In a world that needs a great deal from us right now, we can almost never go wrong by igniting our creativity.


Frances is a gardener, a knitter, a cook, a bee-keeper, and a businesswoman. Her one of a kind hand made pottery is a joy to the eye, the hands, and the heart – as full of personality as it is functional and beloved around the world. Thirty years into her career, her first book – Frances Palmer: Life in the Studio inspiration and lessons on creativity publishes October 6th by Artisan Press. She joins me this week from her studio in Connecticut.



All photos from Frances Palmer: Life in the Studio (Artisan, 2020) all rights reserved.

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