Cultivating Place: GROWING EMPOWERMENT - Frailty Myths, with Erinn Carter & Georgia Faye Hirs

Jan 23, 2020

The final screw and the first stooooooooool.
Credit Frailty Myths | @frailtymyths

This week on CP, we're emboldened to consider our strength and power in the garden and in life generally by Erinn Carter and Georgia Faye Hirsty, two of the co-founders of an organization known as Frailty Myths, based in Oakland, CA. 


Their mission is to reimagine femininity and build power by excusing ourselves from the implications, hobbles, and damage wrought by mainstream conceptions of what is naturally feminine or naturally masculine (the dominant ethos of what we know as "patriarchy” and as perpetuated by us all). 


Credit Frailty Myths | @frailtymyths

At Frailty Myths, they instead model, ask, encourage us to bring our whole heartfelt power and selves into the work of Cultivating our Places - no matter if that is sailing, gardening, woodworking, or singing. 


In bringing our open hearts and minds and full power to any situation, we ensure that we are simultaneously cultivating safe and open space for us all. Join us.


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