Cultivating Place: The Happy Wanderer: The Journey Story Of Plantsman Bob Hyland

May 23, 2019

Credit Hyland Garden Design

In a variation on the Dispatches from the Home Garden series, this week we enjoy a Dispatches from the Home Gardener and Plantsperson.

Self-described Happy Wanderer, plantsman Bob Hyland of Hyland Garden design currently of Portland Oregon has lived and worked at some of the most prestigious horticultural institutions in the U.S.

Along with his partner, Andrew, he founded and ran a successful specialty nursery in upstate New York, and he has served on horticultural boards around the country throughout his more than 40 year career in this work.


Currently living and gardening with Andrew in Portland, Oregon, Bob is owner of Hyland Garden Design and the seasonal storefront Contained Exuberance in Portland, and he joins us today to share stories of the life of a plantsperson – a state of body and mind that is fully integrated in all that Bob loves and does.

Credit Hyland Garden Design

He shares with us today his insights and experiences as a life-long home gardener and a dedicated career professional helping to move the needle on how horticulture is perceived, practiced and appreciated/understood in our world these last 40 years. Join us!


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