Cultivating Place: Healing Gardens Series #1: Sanctuary, Annie Kirk Of Red Bird Restorative Gardens

Jan 30, 2020

Credit Annie Kirk / Red Bird Restorative Gardens



This week we kick off a series on the Healing Power of Gardens, in the series we’ll visit with Dr. Naomi Sachs, of the Therapeutic Landscapes Network, with Perla Curbelo, a recent graduate of the Horticultural Therapy certification program at the Chicago Botanic Garden, with Iain Houghton, at the Chelsea Physic Garden, one of the oldest extant botanical and medicinal plant gardens in the UK (and world), and with Matt Wichrowski, a horticultural therapy clinician and educator in New York City. 

This week, we start off right where we are - in our own gardens, speaking with P. Annie Kirk about Sanctuary and Healing - beginning with ourselves. The whole world is in need of sanctuary and healing - in varying degrees of urgency and from varying kinds of wounds. Annie Kirk of Red Bird Restorative Gardens starts us off with a conversation about the transformative power of the garden, plants, and nature to offer us healing and health - starting in our own gardens, hearts, and minds. Join us!

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