Cultivating Place: Heirloom Bulbs With Scott Kunst Of Old House Gardens

Sep 22, 2016


The cover of the first xeroxed “catalogue" Scott and Jane Kunst sent out in 1993, when Scott realized that if he was going to save his favorite old tulip - the fragrant “Prince of Austria” from disappearing from commercial cultivation he was going to have to do it himself.
Credit Photo courtesy of Old House Garden

Today is the Autumnal Equinox. If gardening at its core is an activity of optimism, then planting fall bulbs is one of its most profound gestures of hope wherein you plant something that looks like next to nothing and then some months later – perhaps when you might need it most — it appears out of the cold, damp earth and then — it blooms. 

This week Cultivating Place is joined by Scott Kunst, founder and soon to be retiring owner of Old House Gardens — purveyers and champions of heirloom bulbs varieties from around the world and throughout time.