Cultivating Place: Jessica Lundberg, VP of Administration at Lundberg Family Farms

Jun 16, 2016

The impulse to garden is prismatic, right? It's about connection, about beauty, about plants, about productivity and self-sufficiency, about health and community. It can be political. It can be spiritual.

Is the impulse that draws people to cultivate their home gardens the same one that draws them to and grounds them in farming? When we say farm, what are the lines between small farms, family farms, and large tracts of mono-culture farming that we might place under an umbrella we’d call perhaps Big Agriculture — where the human it seems is more removed from any discernible connection to land and is more focused on commodity? This week we’ll explore some of these questions with Lundberg Family Farms. 

Recently, Matt Shilts – our producer — and I, took a field trip to the headquarters of Lundberg Family Farms in Richvale, Calif. We talked with Jessica Lundberg, a third generation of the Lundberg family to cultivate and steward this land and this family farming business. Jessica is the Vice President of Administration.

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