Cultivating Place: Plant Me A Rainbow, Meg Herndon And Sandra Nam Cioffi

Aug 15, 2019

Credit Kristelle Boulos

On Cultivating Place this week, we speak with two Landscape Architects who came together to create and offer out to the gardening world beautiful, functional gardens that are inspired, interesting, innovative and accessible to all. 



Credit David Lepage

Meg Herndon and Sandra Nam Cioffi share more about the concept behind their Plant Me a Rainbow, based on this garden life as a crucible in which your own values become clear, these two women created a plan to help more people create richly flowering gardens. 

Starting with mostly native plants suited for climates and soils of the Northeast, these gardens have as their foundation principles applicable no matter where you garden. Including really interesting correlations with the age old art and science of perfumery. Join us!

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