Cultivating Place: Summer Garden Gems: The Melon, With Amy Goldman

Jun 25, 2020

Photos by Victor Schrager, courtesy of Amy Goldman Fowler, all rights reserved.
Credit Victor Schrager

Amy Goldman is a gardener, author-artist, and longtime advocate for seed saving, plant breeding, and heirloom fruits and vegetables. Her mission has for many years been to celebrate and catalog the magnificent diversity of standard, open-pollinated, heirloom varieties, and their conservation.


Her books include The Compleat Squash – A Passionate Growers Guide to Pumpkins, Squashes, and Gourds, and most recently The Melon, which will entice and educate, whether you are a passionate gardener, a locavore, or simply delight in the inherent beauty and evanescence of the fruits of the vine.

Illustrated by Victor Schrager, and many years in the making, The Melon is a comprehensive and definitive work that includes portraits in words and photographs of 125 extraordinary varieties, expert advice on cultivation and seed saving, and delicious melon recipes. 



Photos by Victor Schrager, courtesy of Amy Goldman Fowler, all rights reserved.

Amy Goldman’s mission is to celebrate, catalog, and conserve standard, open-pollinated fruit, and vegetable varieties. As we come back she shares more on how her newest book The Melon encourages everyone to grow, enjoy, save seed from and share forward the great diversity of melons and watermelons, plants whose ancient wild progenitors hail from Africa, India, and Persian regions and whose histories are intertwined with the people of these places and their diasporas across time and space. Listen In.

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