Cultivating Place: Trusting The Nature Of Our Gardens & Selves, With Camilla Jorvad

Sep 24, 2020

Camilla Jorvad is a photographer, a gardener, a mental health and rewilding habitat gardening advocate based on the Danish Island of Aero. Her home-farm shared with her husband and children is known as Sigridsminde – meaning in memory of Sigrid – the gardener who first established a garden on this coastal bluff before her father and mother-in-law took on its care, prior to Camilla and her family partnering with the land soon after the birth of their eldest child. 

The partnership led to a deeper understanding and measurement of health - physical and mental - for Camilla, the land, and her family of humans and more-than-humans. Listen in. It is a story of restoration, redemption and trusting the true nature of our places and our selves.



All photos by Camilla Jorvad, Sigridsminde - all rights reserved.

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