Cultivating Place: Where The Wild Things Are: The Wild Yards Project, With David Newsom

Aug 8, 2019

Credit Sian Heder

The minute our daughter was born, I suddenly became aware of this howling urban center that’s just 70 feet from my house, and the lack of a rich diversity of wild things coming into the yard, and I kept thinking: For her, we have to have more butterflies and we have to have more bees, and more wild. Many more wild things...

David Newsom is a filmmaker, storyteller, and outdoorsman. But when his daughter was born he realized he wanted to bring her butterflies, bees and all the rich diversity of the world, and so he became a gardener to a wild backyard. 

That very human impulse led to his founding of the Wild Yards Project – a non profit organization working to encourage and support the creation of native plant habitat gardens through audio visual stories of native plant visionaries and webbuilding. He shares more on cultivating place this week. Join us.

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