Fed Fire Help Deadline Nears

3 hours ago


The Carr Fire is a 2018 California wildfire that burned in Shasta and Trinity counties.
Credit Bureau of Land Management California





Those who rode out the Carr and other major wildfires may be eligible for significant federal financial help, but time is running out. NSPR’s Marc Albert has this report. 



Time is running out for some types of federal disaster relief. Applicants for emergency disaster grants have until October third to get their paperwork in. 



Chelsea Irvine, a spokeswoman for the US Small Business Administration said don’t let the source of the funds fool you. 



“We offer up to $200,000 to repair or replace a primary residence, and for homeowners and renters, we offer up to $40,000 to replace all the personal property inside the house and disaster damaged vehicles,” said Irvine. 




The loans are available at a subsidized interest rate of 1.93 percent. 




Irvine said the funds are separate from other assistance available to both businesses and non-profit entities. Businesses can qualify for as much as $2,000,000 to offset retail sales or other business lost due to a federally recognized disaster.  




She said there is no obligation to accept the help even if you are approved.  




“The important thing to know is, you can apply tomorrow and just say, hey, I don’t know if I even want this loan, but that unlocks a six month window for you to decide what you’re going to do, see how insurance shakes out, you just have to get that application in by October 3rd to enable you to have that choice,” she said. 




You can find an application on line at sba.gov/disaster, or seek help from FEMA at disasterassistance.gov. A total of 5.7 million dollars in assistance have been awarded to 426 different fire victims in Lake and Shasta Counties. Contact at 1-800-659-2955