Fire Officials Urge Everyone To Stay Out Of Evacuated Areas

Oct 11, 2017

It’s still impossible to say how many homes have been destroyed in the Cascade Fire, which started in the community of Loma Rica Sunday night.

Cal Fire Public Information officer Mary Eldrige says they are hoping to send crews in to assess the damage soon, but the conditions are still too dangerous.

“Considering the treacherous conditions on the fire, our folks that have been sent in to assess,  it’s just too dangerous (for them)," she said. "We have downed power lines, we have active fire, we have falling trees, limbs, that sort of thing.”

For those thinking about going back to check on their homes, please don’t. Yuba County spokesperson Russ Brown says that driving back toward the area will only make firefighter’s jobs more difficult.

“It’s very important right now to let the firefighters do their work," Brown said. "They’re using those roads extensively to go back and forth and to be able to reach areas. It’s important for them to be able to reach those areas.”

If you are looking for loved ones, Eldrige with Cal Fire recommends that you contact the Red Cross shelter at the Yuba-Sutter fairgrounds.

“They keep a list of anybody that has been evacuated, so they would know if you have a loved one that might be there,” she said.

You can reach the local chapter of the Red Cross at 673-1460.