Home Builders Resource Expo To Be Held For Camp Fire Survivors Returning To The Ridge

Jun 11, 2019

Credit Paradise Ridge Chamber Of Commerce

Rebuilding after the Camp Fire is not a simple process. To help ease the feeling of overwhelm, a group of organizations committed to seeing the rebirth of the Ridge are holding an informational expo for those planning to return.

Paradise Town Council Member, Melissa Schuster said more than 100 vendors and contractors are expected to be available for residents at the event.  

“It’ll be an opportunity for people who have never built a home, or even if they still have standing homes, to come in and learn what they need to know to move forward,” Schuster said.

The ‘Home Builders Resource Expo: Rebuilding After A Wildfire’ will provide information about the entire building process, including permitting and building timelines, alternative building techniques and how to choose between a manufactured, modular or stick-built home. There will be representatives available from the town and county building departments, California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Paradise Irrigation District and other organizations, Schuster said. Residents will also have a chance to learn about other building and recovery related topics, like learning how to live within the Wildland Urban Interface and how to deal with finances.

“Especially now, you know, we all have big chunks of insurance money, but it’s going to be really tough for us to build back what we had before with what we got from insurance,” Schuster said.    

The event is free and is being put on by Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce, Paradise Citizens’ Alliance, Valley Contractors’ Exchange, Paradise Community Guilds and Rebuild Paradise.

It will be held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on June 29-30 at the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds, 2357 Fair St. in Chico.