Insurance Info Offered At Meeting Tonight

Jan 30, 2020

Credit VideoHive



Those flummoxed by soaring prices or the sudden unavailability of homeowners insurance may gain insights at a meeting in Magalia tonight.


Organized by a local community group, tonight’s meeting is specifically aimed at those feeling financially squeezed or entirely shut out by home insurers.

Representatives from the advocacy group United Policyholders, agents and brokers actively underwriting property on the ridge and locals who have extensively researched the insurance business are scheduled to make presentations. The meeting is organized by the Upper Ridge Community Council.


Donna Yutzy facilitates the group’s executive committee. She said the meeting’s goal is to provide accurate information, answers and help to what she says is a widespread issue in the Camp Fire’s burn scar and well beyond. She said many property owners are suddenly in a tough spot. 


“Either they’ve been with companies long term and they are just seeing incredible rate increases, or they’re just being out-and-out canceled. And then we’re all scrambling to find something.” Yutzy said. 


Reps from the California FAIR plan, an insurer of last resort, will also be on hand. Yutzi said she’s now paying four times her former rate after her insurer refused to renew the policy on her Magalia home.


She said the issue is so widespread, Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara turned down an invite. 


“Unfortunately, the director and his team are in Malibu, at another meeting just like this.” Yutzy explained. 


The meeting gets underway at six tonight at the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Magalia, 15204 Skyway.